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WeDraw is an annual drawing program for young artists, Offering context for artists: real-life deadlines, printed publications, online resources and a growing community. We provide feedback, share information, create opportunities and move forward together.

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The summer residency is called l’Été du dessin , meaning summer of drawing. It consist of:

  • A week residency

  • A final group exhibition

  • A guided visit to Marseille’s major art-fairs

  • Online resources page

  • FB feedback group

The residency takes place in the context of La rentrée de l'art contemporain. During the weekend of August 30 - September 1st Marseille welcomes a large community of international galleries and artists. The local art scene offers an exclusive variety of exhibitions and events, including the two large art-fairs Art-O-Rama and PARÉIDOLIE. WeDraw provides an opportunity to exhibit as part of this rich program.


August 21th-28th

The work week will take place at the Friche la Belle de Mai, a vibrant, cultural, urban site offering space for creativity and innovation. La Friche is both a work-space for artists and creatives as well as cultural dissemination and events. With over 400,000 visitors a year, it is a multi-faceted public space with 2400 m2 of exhibition space, a 8000 m2 roof terrace, shared gardens, a bookshop, and much more.

Our day will be divided to these three main parts:

  • Collective work-time with the artist Yifat Gat,
    or meetings with other professionals

  • Independent work-time on one’s own or in groups

  • Daily exchange with the curator Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge
    founder of the Drawing Hub, Berlin.

August 29th

The final exhibition will be held at Atelier (S)eruse, an artist-run space in the heart of the city, walking distance from both art-fairs, galleries and other venues. Together with the artists and Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge, we will curate and showcase the work created during the residency. Artists may take their work on September 2nd.



August 30th - September 2nd

During this weekend, we will visit the drawing art fair PARÉIDOLIE, and the contemporary art fair Art-O-Rama, alongside other gallery openings.



Who is this for ?

  • You are an independent, autonomous artist looking to deepen your drawing practice.

  • You speak English or French.

  • You are looking to expand your network in an international or French context.

  • You own a laptop and a camera or an iPhone.

  • You are familiar and comfortable with emails and Facebook group.

  • You agree to let your work or yourself be photographed or filmed and published in the context of a printed catalog, the L&L site, social media, press or other.

  • You are positive, motivated, reliable, proactive, polite and a team player.

  • You are ready to play!


Program cost — Free
Next Open call deadline — June 30, 2020
Limited places

These are the guests and team members that form our selection

Comity members

Romain Mathieu - Curator, Teacher, Art critic, Artpress magazine

Rob de Oude - Artist and Curator, Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn

Team members

Yifat Gat - Artist and Artistic director

Jan-philipp Fruehsorge - Curator, Drawing Hub, Berlin

Julia Gat - Photographer, Cupcake Project

Delphine mogarra - Artist

Margaux Fédensieu - Artist and graphic designer

Guest Artists

Jéremie D’elhome - Artist

Lydia Rump - Designer and artist, Vendredi Project

Paul Pagk - Artist, NY

Ready to join?

Press the Apply Now button to submit.
You will need a short presentation and 5-10 images of your work.

Once accepted, you will be contacted by mail.
Thank you!

Let us know if you have any questions:


L’ETE DU DESSIN - summer drawing residency

Participating Artists 2018

Florian Bruno, Laurie Camous, Estefany Fajardo , Margaux Fédensieu, Morgane Hofner, Club Superette : Marie Glasser , Mattéo Tang Line Foot, Vincent Naba, Morgan Patimo

Participating Artists 2017

Amoros Augustin Lou, Buchot Audrey, Guillet Margot, Herrmann Blandine,,, Leïla Saunier, Léo Rump, Mogarra Delphine, Paul Vidal, Venet Ludivine , Louise Lejeune

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Publication 2018

Yearly Spring Exhibition - PAC 2019

Curated by Jeremie Delhome at Laurent Galland studio, Marseille

works by: Vincent Naba, Morgan Patimo, Margaux Fédensieu, Morgane Hofner, Laurie Camous, Audrey Buchot, Florian Bruno, Estefany Fajardo, Blandine Herrmann, Louise Lejeune, Delphine Mogarra, Léo Rump, Ludivine Venet